The Universal Arts of Graphic Design

Though often overlooked, Graphic Design surrounds us: it is the signs we read, the products we buy, and the rooms we inhabit. Graphic designers find beauty within limitations, working towards the ultimate goal of visually communicating a message. Utilizing a language of type and imagery, graphic designers try to make every aspect of our lives defined and beautiful.

Debbie Millman: http://debbiemillman.com/ 
Emily Oberman: http://www.pentagram.com/work/#/all/a... 
Drew Freeman: http://afreeman.co/, http://www.pentagram.com/ 
Steve Attardo: http://stevenattardo.com/ 

* Work shown during Drew Freeman's section was designed at Pentagram with Paula Scher. 
* Work shown during Emily Oberman's section was designed at No.17.

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